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Blockhouse Bay Kids Holiday Hub
Blockhouse Bay Community Centre Holiday Progamme'
Blockhouse Bay Community Centre kids art classes

The next School Holiday Programme runs from 8th - 19th July 2024. If the day you are wanting is showing "No Programme", this means it is already booked out.  You are welcome to send us an email and we can put you on the waiting list in case of cancellations.

The School Holiday Programme activities vary each term and are suitable for 5 to 13 years. Check out our exciting timetable below! 

Hours & Prices

In-Centre Day Programme: 9am-3pm – $45

Excursion Day Programme: 9am-3pm – $50

Before care available 8.30 to 9am – $5/day

After care available 3pm to 3.30pm – $5/day

Any changes to bookings or cancellations must be notified to the office one week prior to the programme commencing.  Changes or cancellations made after this time will NOT receive a refund.

The organisers of this programme have adopted the Auckland City Holiday Programme “Standards & Guidelines for Holiday Programmes” and all care will be taken to provide Supervision of children in accordance with those Standards & Guidelines.

Our programme is accredited through MSD to deliver OSCAR services. From time to time, personal details may be viewed by authorised personnel for auditing purposes.

Enrolment for School Holiday Programme

Pre-enrolment for holiday programmes is essential. You can only  enrol online.  You will need to register your child on the booking system first if you are booking on this system for the first time.  After that, you simply login to book next time.

Feedback of the School Holiday Programme

If you have attending a School Holiday programme at Blockhouse Bay Community Centre we would appreciate your feedback via the feeback form.

Information for Parents and Caregivers

We hope your children will enjoy the programme of activities we have planned. Please take careful note of the following to ensure their safety while they are in our care. Please provide lunch, drink and snacks for your child.


  • No sick child will be admitted to the programme, if a child becomes ill they will be made comfortable and parents notified to collect child.

  • If your child becomes sick and cannot attend the programme please notify the office.

  • Make sure you have signed a permission slip for the excursions.

  • Any changes to bookings or cancellations must be notified to the office one week prior to the programme commencing.  Changes or cancellations made after this time will NOT receive a refund.

  • The office must be notified of any absences prior to the programme commencing (626 4980).

  • Daybook - Any information we need to know about your child can be written in our daybook. (On table in foyer) This includes -
    a) Specific written consent for children walking home.
    b) Any medical condition and medication taken.
    c) Person collecting your child if different to enrolment form.
    d) Any custody arrangement.

  • There is a written policy covering supervision, safety, behaviour management etc. Ask office staff for a copy if you wish to read it. The staff/child ratios are 1 : 8 or in some circumstances 1 : 7. or 1 : 6.

  • The programme will try to look after children’s property but will accept no responsibility for lost or damaged possessions.

  • In summer – Sun Safety policy - please provide a hat each day, the children are required to wear a hat when outside. Make sure your child is wearing shoes and appropriate sun-coverage clothing. We aim to minimize time spent in the sun during burn-time periods.

  • In the event of an accident or emergency, staff will perform appropriate first aid and if necessary call an ambulance. We do have a Medical Centre across the road. Parents will be contacted immediately. Unless there is a serious emergency children will not be transported in private vehicles.

  •  In accordance with process outlined in the behaviour management policy, the supervisor reserves the right to exclude from the programme any child who is constantly disruptive, unable to follow the programme rules, or a threat to the safety of themselves or others.

Please collect your child at 3 pm.
If a person arrives to collect your child whose name is not on your enrolment form, then we are obliged (for your child’s safety) to keep your child in our care until you have been located for consent. Prior notification is required by writing information in the daybook (on table in foyer)

Each day when you collect your child, it is essential that you sign your child out on the tablet (on table in foyer). We need to know that your child has gone home safely. You will also have to sign your child in.

The programme has a detailed child protection policy, which includes the reporting of any suspected child abuse to the Dept. of Child, Youth and Family Services.

The programme has a complaints procedure. If you have any problems please approach the Main Supervisor, or if necessary the Manager or member of the Management Committee and they will be happy to help you with your concerns.

Please check at the office, we have a lost property box.

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